In the heart of the Indian summer: news of a thumping Première, and several Parisian dates to come! Smile: the new season is on!

A World Premiere : aSH | Aurélien Bory

© Aglaé Bory | aSH – Cie 111 Aurélien Bory

As we had mentioned in our previous newsletter, last June the Montpellier Danse festival programmed the world premiere of aSH, a delicate portrait of Shantala by Aurélien Bory. Here’s what the press tells us:
(…) A petite figure, vivacious and forceful, Shantala Shivalingappa, with a grace of a gazelle, “embodies Shiva, who allows the world to manifest and space to dance,” notes Aurélien Bory. The incarnation of this idea is of an infinite beauty and unfolds to the sound of percussions that roll from soft breath to thundering storm. On a stage bathed in darkness, Shantala appears with her back to us, against the image of an inlaid door that splits and swells. Her dance allows the door to become a wave, blown by a divine breath. The wave slams, swells, and undulates in big slaps as the dancer pursues her invocation, tense, determined, without being overwhelmed by the thunder she arouses and that roars at her heels. The wave lays itself onto the ground.. (…)
Le |  29 juin 2018 by Ariane Bavelier

Slender body, aerial body language, performed with surgical precision, Shantala Shivalingappa invites with infinite grace to trace the thread of her singular as well as diverse story. Rewritten by the poetic talent of Aurélien Bory, the story of her life, between tradition and contemporary dance, captivates the senses and takes viewers on a voyage
to the edges of reality. Magical !
Blog Mediapart | 28 juin 2018 by l’oeil d’Olivier

aSH, a new piece for Shantala Shivalingappa, carries in its title a little Pina-style breath, and condenses into three letters (and two languages) its intention, its subject and the scenographic stakes: Shantala, Shiva and ash, symbol of the cycle of life. “Shiva is a God of creation and destruction. Lord of cremation grounds, he smears his body with ash.
Shantala Shivalingappa has built her dance on the figure of this dancing god whose vibration rhythms the manifestation of the world, » writes Aurélien Bory
.(…) | 28 juin 2018 by Thomas Hahn

aSH is the meeting of two worlds, that of Aurélien Bory, this being his third “portrait of a dancer », and that of Shantala Shivalingappa, a specialist of the classical, traditional Indian dance Kuchipudi, but also performer for Pina Bausch. Fire and grace, so to speak. aSH opens with the continuous rhythm of Loïc Schild’s percussion and Shantala’s precise gestures. The decor is animated by an effect of tension, actually simple kraft paper, while the dance goes into a trance. Shiva is never far in this evocation, he the God who creates and destroys. All the effects of aSH speak of him, whether it be the thunderclap that shakes the walls or the mountain that swells on stage, once the drapes come off, seeming to swarm with snakes. (…) | 28 juin 2018 by Philippe Noisette

Where to see aSH ?

  • 12th, 13th and 14th December 2018  TJP, GRANDE SCENE, CDN de Strasbourg, 7 rue des balayeurs, Strasbourg (France)
  • 8th and 9th January 2019, Maison de la Culture – L’Auditorium, 34 rue Henri Sellier, Bourges, France
  • All dates

© Aglaé Bory | aSH – Cie 111 Aurélien Bory

Shantala in Paris in 2018-2019

No less than four programs will happen in Paris this coming season: a good opportunity to miss none of them!

Shantala feels «  it is an honor and a joy to hold a special place in the first season of La Scala », the “Phoenix-Theater” which just recently rose from its ashes. In February, La Scala will host aSH, the delicate portrait by Aurélien Bory, and then a double-bill in May, first Akasha, Shantala’s last Kuchipudi recital which will be presented in Paris for the very first time (!), and then Namasya, a contemporary solo and favorite. Three shows at La Scala, this theater: we already love this theater!

BACH jour 1 | Stéphane Riccordel
Théâtre Silvia Monfort, 22 24 novembre 2018 | All information

Cellist Sonia Wieder Atherton and dancer Shantala Shivalingappa each express in their own way their desire to create and experiment new approaches. (…) They meet around a Suite of Bach, epitome of the cello repertoire. Under the gaze of Stéphane Ricordel, they combine and confront their singular expressions of the work, through music and dance..

© BACH – jour 1 | Stéphane Ricordel

aSH | Aurélien Bory Cie 111
Théâtre de la Scala, 16th February to 1st March 2019 | More information

“In Shantala Shivalingappa, there is Shiva, god of dance. According to ancient texts, Shiva has more than a thousand names. He is a god of creation and destruction. Lord of cremation grounds, he smears his body with ash. Shantala Shivalingappa has built her dance on the figure of this dancing god, whose vibration rhythms the manifestation of the
world. » Aurélien Bory.

Akasha | Shantala Shivalingappa

Théâtre de la Scala , 13th, 14th and 15th May 2019 | information soon
Premiered in 2013 in Chateauvallon, Akasha has traveled in France and all over Europe without ever going through Paris! We’ve had to wait for La Scala to rise from its ashes to finally see Kuchipudi in the capital, 9 years after the creation of Swayambhu at the Theatre de la Ville / les Abbesses. A return all the more unmissable as it will take place in an almost mythical place. Long live La Scala!
See the trailer [again]

© Elian Bachini | Akasha - 2013

©  Elian Bachini | Akasha – 2013

Namasya | Shantala Shivalingappa
Théâtre de la Scala, 17th and 18th May 2019
| All information soon

A program composed of four contemporary solos, Namasya is the one, entirely contemporary piece by Shantala, highlighting her most prestigious and unforgettable collaborations: Pina Baucsh, Ushio Amagatsu, and her mother, Savitry Nair. A show to be witnessed as a rippling and suave experience, as an epilogue just after the performances of Akasha..


  © Nicolas Boudier | Namasya 2008

Interactive Shantala

The Jacob’s Pillow, a dance center, school, and performance venue located in Becket, Massachusetts, in the Berkshires, is notably known as the oldest summer dance festival in the United States.The ogranisation has developed an exquisite and richly documented interactive site. A constantly evolving collection of dance videos from the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, from the 1930s to present day. The festival beautifully celebrates Shantala’s work in its “Women in Dance” section, see it here: Jacob’s Pillow’ Dance Interactive.
© Jacob’s Pillow | capture

A new collaboration : Moving Alternatives – Anne collod

Moving between inspiration and fascination, Shantala is often at the crossroad of cultures, participating in collaborative processes with various choreographers. This time, it is French choreographer Anne Collod  who has called Shantala to join her new project “Moving Alternatives”, built around the work of American Modern Dance pioneers, Ruth St-Denis and Ted Shawn. Stay tuned for more in our next Newsletter!

Shantala on Tour

Twice this year, we will cross the Atlantic Ocean to follow Shantala on tour: first in São Paulo, to witness Pina Bausch’s «Néfes », and then again in Santiago de Chile, where Kuchipudi will make its grand premiere on South American soil with « Swayambhu », a piece from 2010..

From 21st to 24th November 2018
BACH – jour 1 | Le Monfort Théâtre, 106 rue Brancion, Paris, France

From 29th November to 2nd December 2018
NEFES – Pina Bausch | Teatro Alfa, Rua Bento Branco de Andrade Filho, 722, São Paulo, Brazil

From 12th au 14th December 2018
aSH – Aurélien Bory | TJP Grande Scène, CDN de Strasbourg, 7 rue des balayeurs, Strasbourg, France

From 3rd to 4th January 2018
SWAYAMBHU  | MIL Festival, Santiago del Chile

[All dates]

Néfès | Pina Bausch

© Stéphanie Berger | Néfès – Pina Baush