Haribabu Balan Puttamma is a versatile Mridangam exponent trained under the guidance of exemplary gurus ‘Kalaimamani’ Sri. V.P. Ramadoss and ‘Kalaimamani’ Sri. Thiruvaroor Bhakthavatchalam. Haribabu has established himself a niche in the dance world. He acquired the skill form this gurus at the Tamil Nadu Govt. Music collage and was conferred the title ‘Vaadhya Visharadha’ in 1988 recognizing his adeptness in the art form. His 18 years of profound expertise in the field has helped him attain accolades world wide. Besides being and expert Mridangist, he is equally proficient in Tabla, Pakwaj, Ganjeera, Nattuvangam and Rhythm composing. His is the most sought after Mridangist who has accompanied several distinguished artists through out India and overseas to 17 countries. His creative aptitude and heal provoked him to set up ‘Craft Innovative’ through which he provides creative assistance to young percussionists.

Haribabu Balan Puttamma est une figure polyvalente du Mridangam, formé sous la direction des Gourous  exemplaires Kalaimamani Sri  V.P. Ramadoss et Kalaimamani’ Sri Thiruvaroor Bhakthavatchalam. Il a reçu l’enseignement de ses gourous au Music College of Tamil Nadu govt. et a été gradué du titre de «Vaadhya Visharadha ‘en 1988 en reconnaissance de ses aptitudes dans cette forme d’art. Ses 18 années de profonde expertise en la matière lui ont permis d’être reconnu dans le monde entier. En plus d’être Mridanguiste et expert, il pratique également  les Tablas, le Pakwaj, le Ganjeera, le nattuvangam et compose des rythmes. Haribabu a également su se faire un nom dans le monde de la danse. Mridangiste extrèmement côté, il accompagne régulièrement des artistes de renom à travers le monde entier.