© Rodrigo Caesar

Conception, artistic management and performer : Shantala Shivalingappa | Choreography : Kishore Mosalikanti | Artistic advisor : Savitry Nair | Lighting design / technical management : Nicolas Boudier | Rythm creation : B.P.Haribabu & N.Ramakrishnan | Singing : J. Ramesh | Nattuvangam and drums : B.P.Haribabu | Mridangam : N.Ramakrishnan | Flute : K. S. Jayaram | Production : Per Diem & Co / Pierre Barnier

duration : about 1:25

Shiva, the Lord of Dance.

His Cosmic Dance creates and sustains the Universe. The whole of creation is set in motion by the powerful vibrations emanating from his Dance, the awe-inspiring Tandava, virile, terrible, yet life-giving.
If he stops dancing, the Universe dissolves.

Ganga, the Goddess of the sacred river Ganges. She embodies grace, beauty, fluidity. Her dance is the mesmerizing and sensual Lasya.

In “Shiva Ganga”, the choreography is inspired by these distinct yet complementary energies, which need each other to find the full expression of their true nature, and stay in balance.
The dynamics of each movement is governed by one or the other force, Tandava, the masculine, or Lasya, the feminine.
Sometimes both merge into one single flow of energy; sometimes each one manifests its inherent qualities, giving rise to a particular flavor.

Shantala Shivalingappa