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Conception, artistic management and performer : Shantala Shivalingappa | Rhythm Creation : B.P.Haribabu & N.Ramakrishnan | Costumes : D.S.Aiyyelu | Lighting design / technical management : Nicolas Boudier | Nattuvangam & Pakhawaj (Cymbales & drums) : B.P.Haribabu | Singing : J.Ramesh | Mridangam (drums) : N.Ramakrishnan | Flute : K.S.Jayaram | Producers : Per Diem & Co / Pierre Barnier, Théâtre de la Ville, Paris 2007

Duration : about 1h25.


All of creation is vibration. At different levels, velocities, in different shapes and intensities, the core of all things is vibrating, from the most minute and gentle quiver, to great thunderous spasms.
In dance, the elements of movement, rhythm, sound, melody and poetry come together, as vibrations that resonate, calling each other, playing, escaping, mingling, deviating, forming patterns of great beauty and harmony..
All the intricacies, complexities of movement and sound, in their various combinations and marriages, give rise to a myriad images, emotions, shapes, and forms, Ganesha, Hanuman, Krishna, Shiva, Sita, Kamakshi…( Divinities of Indian mythology ) all a manifestation of vibration at different levels, expressing different emotions, depicting diverse landscapes of imagination, continuously being transformed in the creative flow of energy.
But at the core, still, always, pure and eternal the primal vibration, the source of all life, which never ceases, even in stillness and silence, it is the life current which pervades the universe, and which each one can feel in his own breath.

Shantala Shivalingappa