newsletter # spring 2017


For this summer season: an incredible duet, a surprising collaboration, a “classic” show, an almost iconic film, and a new one, mudras and foot beats, here’s the news ! 

Bach | Sonia-Shantala
Sonia Wieder-Atherton holds a singular place in today’s music 
world. Born in San Francisco, trained in Paris and Moscow, she is defined first and foremost by her tireless exploration of music, which triggers a boundless creativity, making her career rich with a wide array of very unusual projects and collaborations. Experimenting with the unexpected, going beyond boundaries and labels, her intention has always been to « make music a language that is open to the world » . Her style and handling of the cello give it a voice that is almost human, charged with powerful emotion.

Partnering with Shantala, the two ladies will meet around a Suite of Bach, presenting a short piece which will be the first building block of a future program, directed by Stéphane Ricordel.

Bach | Paris l’été Festival
21st of July at 6:30pm and 22nd of july at 8:30pm
Lycée Jacques Decour’s Chapel, 12 Avenue Trudaine, Paris 9ème

duration 25mn, free access.



BHAIRAVA | site-specific dance film

Bhairava evokes facets of Shiva, the Lord of Dance, as both the Destructor of Evil and the Guardian of Time. He is fierce and drives terrible deeds, but he is also the Divine Protector and his intention springs from pure compassion. In this work, carried by a strong and deeply evocative musical score and by the special energy of the ancient site of Hampi, Shantala embodies the presence and energy of Bhairava. With her technical mastery  and refined expressivity, she alternates between moments of precise symbolic gestures and more abstract body-language surging from the powerful persona of Bhairava, creating a vivid incarnation of the deity.

This 13-minute, site-specific dance for camera film is directed and produced by Marlene Millar & Philip Szporer (Mouvement Perpétuel, Montréal). Bhairava was filmed in February 2017 on location in Anegundi and Hampi, India, with cinematography by Kes Tagney.  This production was made possible with the generous support of the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec, the Kishkinda Trust (Shama Pawar), Anegundi, and Danse Danse, Montréal.

See some stills here


Blooming ! | Lil’Buck-Shivalingappa |  © Erin Baiano
Blooming! | the incredible duet moves forward

Blooming! Where Charles « Lil Buck » Riley works on foot-beats while Shantala starts to bug-jump… 

The Blooming adventure, which began at the Vail International Dance Festival in the summer of 2014, was initiated by its director Damian Woetzel, and continues to move forward drawing from  the vocabularies of Kuchipudi and Jookin’. Lil Buck and Shantala met again last summer in Vail, and more recently at the Dance Salad Festival in Houston. Take a closer look at this unusual and flourishing meeting of two worlds: watch the video

PLAY | Cherkaoui-Shivalingappa |  © Koen Broos

A season in Paris…

In improvisation, collaboration, and performance, Shantala will be on Parisian stages in various pieces between July 2017 and July 2018. The 2017 session of Paris l’Ete will present Shantala first in “Bach”, a new collaboration with cellist Sonia Wieder-Atherton, and then with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui in “Play” which will run for four nights.

Later, in the winter, IrinaBrook’s “Peer Gynt” where Shantala plays two opposing roles, will be shown at Les Bouffes du Nord in February.

Nefes | Pina Bausch |  © Ursula Kaufmann

Nefes | Pina Bausch | © Ursula kaufmann

Finally, Shantala will once again join the Tanztheater Wuppertal, whom she performed with last November after a gap of three years, with Pina Bausch’s Néfes at the Théâtre des Champs Elysées in July 2018. 

Multiple avatars to (re)discover through these very different works.

And from last Autumn until now

Shantala continues to take Kuchipudi to different parts of our planet. Accompanied by her four Indian musicians, she performed Shiva Tarangam, an excerpt of « Swayambhu », first at Fall for Dance Festival in New-York City last October, and more recently in Shanghai’s new International Dance Center, for the International Dance Day celebrations in April.

She worked on an experimental new solo presented by Pina Bausch Foundation at the Pina Bausch exhibition in Berlin last October. The film “SHANTALA” also continues to travel. It was shown last October in Cologne at the Darf Ich Bitten festival and in Prague at the Dance Film Festival, where is was also shown for a second time in early May.

see the trailer here

SHANTALA | Ezra Beotte-Cousineau |  © Ezra Belotte-Cousineau
SHANTALA | Ezra Belotte-cousineau

Touring 2017

 Swayambhu | Shantala Shivalingappa |  © Hector Perez
Swayambhu © hector perez