Nicolas Boudier

Nicolas Boudier has two qualifications in Lighting Design, one from the GRIM School (High School of Stage Techniques) in Lyon and the other one from the ENSATT School (National High School of Arts and Theatre Techniques) in Paris.

He has been a Lighting Designer, stage designer and Photographer for some Theatre and Dance companies since 1990. He has also been involved in several artistic teams for about 18 years.

Lately, he has worked with Enki Bilal – Musée des arts et Métier in Paris, Shantala Shivalingappa, Yuval Pick – Centre Chorégraphique de Rilleux la Pape – Enzo Cormann, Joris Mathieu – Cie Haut et Court, Stephane Ricordel, Olivier Meyrou, Christian Giriat – Théâtre Mobile, Gilles Pastor – Kastoragil, Denis Plassard – Compagnie Propos, Carole Lorang – Compagnie du Grand Boube in Luxembourg, the Théâtre Talipot from Reunion Island, the Nordik Balck Theatre in Oslo, Lia Rodrigues and Joao Saldanha who are both Brasilian Choregraphers, Nathalie Royer – Theatre du Cri, Géraldine Bénichou – Theatre du Grabuge, Sylvie Mongin Algan et les Trois-Huit.

Aside, he works on his photographic project which is linked to light and movement. A few exhibitions have been shown already and lately the exhibition ‘Vit et travaille à …’ was shown at the ‘Maison de la Photographie’ in Paris and has also been shown at the SESC Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro as well as at the ‘Rectangle’ for the biennale Dance event in Lyon, Fabrik in Postdam, la ferme du Buisson in Paris.

He also creates photographic performances and setups as recently ‘magdalenamadalenamadelaine où je ne sais pas être’ together with Astrid Toledo. This show was made for ‘Explore Danse Festival’ in Bucarest and shown in Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Lyon and Lisbon, or ‘The night will be black’ were shown in Zagreb, Croatia, Biennale de dança dentos and Braga Portugal.